Internet of Things

The Internet of Things market is growing at a historically fast pace. Sensors are the center of this incredible growth as they are key elements for gathering and outputting valuable data. Furthermore, sensors will enable connected devices to behave autonomously by being contextually aware of their environment and thus able to make their own intelligent decisions.

InvenSense is uniquely positioned as the leading provider of the MEMS inertial sensors, microphones, software algorithms, sensor development tool and platforms needed for the product creation and sensor integration in IoT connected devices.

Our SensorStudio, Firefly SoC with integrated software framework, 6- and 9-axis sensors with specialized algorithms, rich portfolio of high performance analog, digital, and I²S microphones enable OEMs to innovate and manufacture leading-edge IoT products.


The FireFly platform is geared towards IoT applications and the first part from this new family is the ICM-30670. The single-chip ICM-30670 is the world’s first tri-core 6-axis motion tracking solution with integrated sensor-hub framework software. It combines industry leading gyroscope and accelerometer sensors with tri-core processors (an ARM Cortex-M0 CPU, and a DMP4 Digital Motion Processor™) in a small 3x3x1mm LGA package. The ICM-30670 serves as a sensor hub that supports the collection and processing of data from internal and external sensors.

The multi-cores are designed to offload processing from the Application Processor, thereby saving system power and improving performance. The ARM Cortex-M0 CPU provides a low-power programmable platform for software development. The DMP4 is optimized for fixed point processing and FFT generation and complements the CPU by offloading math intensive operations. The integrated InvenSense Sensor Framework provides an open and powerful platform for creating cutting-edge always-on applications for mobile platforms. Developers can use the built-in framework components to rapidly develop and launch new features. The command protocol is designed for seamless porting to new systems, allowing software reuse and thus maximizing returns on software investment.

  • FireFly Development Kit

    To enable rapid prototyping and development of IoT applications we have created the FireFly Development Kit.  The Kit is composed of 3 critical components. The first being the aforementioned ICM-30630 with integrated sensor framework software, the second is our new development tool, SensorStudio, and lastly the Arduino Zero board.

    A 3rd party sensor shield comes with the kit so you can leverage compass, pressure, and proximity sensors. The sensor software that runs wholly on the ICM-30630 supports these additional sensors, this software solution is also MCU agnostic. The on board cortex M0 is an open platform that acts as a sensor hub and houses the sensor framework software. The remaining memory space is available for developers to implement their own logic.

    SensorStudio is our new development tool used to ease the development and programming of the FireFly platform. The simple GUI uses sensors blocks that can be arranged in elegant flow charts for developers to run and validate their program, this makes for rapid prototyping application development.  InvenSense supplies our standard sensor block functions derived from our sensor framework software. Developers can also create their own custom sensor functions and verify their functionality in SensorStudio.

    This is also our first ever development kit that is plug in compatible with Arduino. Arduino has a massive following and is a popular choice for developers due to the open nature of their software and hardware. The Arduino Zero contains an ARM Cortex M0+ MCU from Atmel. Once the ICM-30630 memory is fully used, the cortex M0+ provides plenty of additional horsepower and memory space for application development. Another benefit is the added connectivity the Zero board has with a plethora of additional shield from Arduino.