SmartMotion Platform



The TDK SmartMotion Platform is a comprehensive development kit for InvenSense Motion Sensor devices. The platform designed around a Microchip SAMG55 MCU can be used by customers for rapid evaluation and development of InvenSense sensor based solutions.

The platform integrates an on-board Embedded Debugger so external tools are not required to program or debug the SAMG55 MCU. The SmartMotion platform runs software including InvenSense MotionLink, a GUI based sensor evaluation tool, and the embedded Motion Drivers for motion sensor software development.

There are currently four different versions of the SmartMotion Developer Kit:

SmartMotion Platform

System Requirements

  • Windows OS (7, 10)
  • USB Type-A (PC) to Micro-USB cable (SmartMotion)


Default HW Configuration

  • Connect micro-USB cable from PC to SmartMotion CN6 connector
  • Jumper Settings:
    • PWR J1 – set to FTDI (pins 5, 6) to retrieve power from FTDI
    • I2C Select J2 – set SDA (pins 1, 2) and SCL (pins 3, 4)
    • UART0 Jumper J3 – set pins 1, 2 and EXT1 (pins 3, 4)
  • Refer to User Guide for detailed configurations



  • Evaluate sensor features and performance with MotionLink!
    Download MotionLink (registration required), available in the downloads section of the Developers Corner (registration required)
  • Download FTDI driver here
  • Install and Launch MotionLink
  • Connect, select sensor, and explore

For Advanced Sensor Fusion