Chirp Microsystems’ ultrasonic Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors utilize a tiny ultrasonic transducer chip to send out an ultrasonic pulse, and then listen for echoes returning from targets in the sensor’s field-of-view. By calculating the distance based on the ToF and speed of sound, the sensor can determine the distance of an object relative to a device and trigger a programmed behavior. These ToF sensors are intended for consumer electronics, AR/VR, robotics, drones, IoT, automotive, and industrial market segments.

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The SmartSonic platform is currently available with the award winning CH-101, an ultra-low power ultrasonic ToF range sensor that provides millimeter-accurate range measurements up to 1.2m, independent of target color and transparency.  The CH-101 ultrasonic ToF sensor module (MOD_CH101) contains a CH-101 sensor on a small printed circuit board (PCB) with flat flexible connector (FFC), and acoustic housing on top that enables an omnidirectional beam pattern of the output. It is designed to allow rapid integration into customer product enclosures, prototyping and small-scale production for a wide range of applications, including AR/VR, smart home, drones and robotics, connected IoT devices, mobile and wearable, and automotive.


The CH-101 sensor module connects directly into the SmartSonic developer evaluation kit (DK-CH101) for initial product evaluation using the SonicLink™ software, which can also be used by customers to develop embedded algorithms for specific applications.

TDK’s MEMS ultrasonic ToF sensor platform solutions offer numerous advantages over optical ToF sensors:

  • Accurate range measurement regardless of target size or color; even optically transparent targets are accurately detected
  • Immunity to ambient noise
  • Ability to operate in all lighting conditions — unlike IR sensors, which do not work in direct sunlight
  • Ensures eye-safety — contrasting with laser-based IR ToF sensors – and yet not perceivable by house pets
  • Detects objects over a field-of-view up to 180° — enabling a single sensor to support room-scale sensing

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Ultrasonic Applications

Chirp’s ultralow power ultrasonic sensor consumes only microwatts while performing ultrasonic echolocation. This enables always-on sensing for wake-on-approach application for tablets, notebooks, monitors, smart locks, security cameras, and other smart-home devices even when they are running on battery only.  ​What will you use it for? 

Chirp offers an easy-to-use ultrasonic software library (USL) that provides 2D and 3D position tracking using Chirp’s proprietary hardware. The ultrawide field-of-view means that the ultrasound-based systems do not suffer from occlusion problems that plague optical tracking systems. The library provides fast update rates using a low-cost sensor hub. Application-specific solutions for wearable and VR/AR/gaming products are available today.

Chirp has developed proprietary and patent-pending gesture classification library (GCL) based on machine learning and neural network algorithms. Together with our ultrasonic sensing platform, this software library enables intuitive, natural gesture-based user interfaces for all your smart IoT devices.

Range Finding
Chirp’s ultrasonic sensing solution provides millimeter-accurate range information. Unlike optical solutions, ultrasonic range finding works in any lighting conditions, including full sunlight, and can detect any color and materials, including optically transparent targets like glass windows. Solutions available today for mobile, robotics, and home automation.