InvenSense’s unique 7-axis motion sensor with a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer on the same silicon die plus a barometer, offers performance on par with discrete parts, all in the same package. InvenSense’ six-axis sensors have dominated the drone market, including toy and commercial segments, owing to their reliable core performance, and immunity to the wide range of harsh stimulus that a drone experiences in its various stages of flight.

The 7-axis ICM-20789 (Available Q2 2017) provides an easy upgrade path to build on the time-tested performance of InvenSense 6-axis sensors, by adding a relative pressure sensor based on capacitive technology with class leading performance, and exceptional temperature stability. The combined performance in these key areas are must have in Toy drones where much of consumers have limited flight control expertise, or Smart drones that need to maintain autonomous flight stability, for example, to follow a user while capturing video. The ICM-20789, complemented with InvenSense’ drone fusion software, specifically developed for this market, brings prosumer drone level stability to Toy and Smart drone markets.

The ICM-20789 use is not limited to the drone market, as its 7-axis integration in one package is attractive to the Wearable, IoT, Industrial, and potentially other market segments.   As the only 7-axis device currently available in the market today, its use cases are limited only by our customers’ imagination.

For more information, please see the ICM-20789 Product Brief

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  • Industry leading 6-axis performance, time tested in mobile and drone market
  • Capacitive pressure sensor with performance on par with best discrete parts
  • Seven-axis integration eases motion and elevation tracking in wide range of applications