1 Axis

InvenSense’s ISZ MEMS rate gyroscope sense rotation on one of three axes of movement: x (pitch), y (roll), and z (yaw), depending upon mounting. Our ISZ product family is designed for small size and low cost, providing an ideal solution for basic motion sensing in many consumer electronics devices.

Part # Gyro Full Scale Range Gyro Sensitivity Gyro Rate Noise Accel Full Scale Range Magnetometer Full Scale Range Accel Sensitivity Digital Output Logic Supply Voltage Operating Voltage Supply Package Size
UNITS: (°/sec) (LSB/°/sec) (dps/√Hz) (g) (LSB/g) (V) (V +/-5%) (mm)
N/A 0.01 N/A N/A N/A I²C, SPI 1.71 to VDD 1.71 to 3.6 3x3x0.9