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Our technology includes five core elements: our patented InvenSense-Fabrication process, our advanced MEMS motion sensor designs, our mixed-signal circuitry for sensor signal processing, our MotionFusion™ and calibration firmware, and our MotionApps™ software consisting of drivers and APIs for applications development on all major consumer electronics operating systems. Our patented InvenSense-Fabrication process enables direct integration of MEMS mechanical structures with standard complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) at the wafer level. This results in significant performance, reliability, integration and cost benefits, and enabled InvenSense to pioneer the industry’s first high-volume, commercial MEMS fabless business model. Our mixed-signal circuitry provides sensor signal processing which enables MotionFusion™ technology critical to our MotionProcessing™ platform. Our technology allows us to deliver Motion Interface solutions for all major consumer electronics applications including smartphones, tablets, game controllers, smart TVs, and wearable sensors, and with increasing levels of integration, from single-axis analog gyroscopes to fully-integrated, intelligent six and nine-axis MotionTracking™ devices.

Highly integrated and cost effective solutions enabled by our patented InvenSense-Fabrication Process

The foundation of our MotionTracking™ devices is the patented InvenSense-Fabrication process, which combines MEMS on CMOS (also known as CMOS-MEMS) in a small, cost effective standard package. Combining a MEMS wafer with an industry standard CMOS wafer allows us to reduce the number of MEMS manufacturing steps, perform wafer-level testing, and use chip-scale packaging, thereby reducing back-end costs of packaging and testing and improving overall yield and quality. In addition to our CMOS-MEMS process, we have also developed low cost, high throughput proprietary test and calibration systems for our motion sensors, capable of proving fully functional 9 DOF testing, which further reduces the back-end costs. We have pioneered a technological breakthrough in manufacturing low-cost MEMS motion interface solutions. Combining this unique process capability with our MEMS-based motion sensor designs and methodologies, mixed-signal IC integration techniques, MotionApps™ and Embedded MotionApps firmware, we have introduced MotionTracking™ devices that are industry-leading in form factor, performance, cost and reliability.

Manufacturing efficiency, flexibility and scalability

Most MEMS devices are manufactured in proprietary fabrication facilities utilizing numerous proprietary and non-standard MEMS processing steps that are not compatible with CMOS manufacturing fabrication lines. InvenSense-Fabrication utilizes all off-the-shelf equipment and processing steps that are compatible with CMOS fabrication that has allowed us to port our proprietary process in leading CMOS foundries and operate as a fabless MEMS company. Our fabless model enables cost-effective high volume production and provides us with flexibility to quickly react to our customers’ needs.

Scalable MotionProcessing™ platform with opportunities for multi-sensor integration

Our current generation of MotionTracking™ devices are the six-axis MPU-6050 and the nine-axis MPU-9150. The MPU-9150 packages the InvenSense single chip 6-axis gyroscope and accelerometer with onboard Digital Motion Processor™ (DMP) hardware acceleration along with a 3-axis E-Compass die to deliver the world’s first integrated 9-axis MotionTracking™ device. Our 9-axis MotionFusion™ firmware combines calibrated accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass sensor output into a single data stream for software developers to easily incorporate Motion Interface functionality in their applications.

As a result of integrating multiple sensors onto the same die and package, and providing complete 9-axis MotionFusion™ with run-time calibration software, our MotionTracking™ devices do not require the traditional calibration steps required with discrete sensor solutions by our customers. Furthermore, offloading intensive motion tracking computations from the host processor to our chip has provided entirely new capabilities and performance for consumer devices, applications and services.

High performance and reliability

Consumer electronics devices are exposed to harsh environmental conditions and must meet increasing performance and reliability requirements. One of the primary requirements for MEMS sensors in consumer applications is the ability to detect and measure all types of motion at varying rates of rotation in a wide range of environmental conditions. Gyroscopes, in particular, are responsible for the measurement of rotational motion; hence their functionality over the life of the product is critical. InvenSense-Fabrication combines the MEMS with CMOS at the wafer level, providing highly reliable hermetically sealed cavities for the MEMS structures without the need for a costly and additive getter process, whereby reactive materials are deposited in the cavity to maintain the vacuum integrity of the sensor. Our metallic eutectic seal provides for an inherently more reliable hermetic seal that will allow for reliable operation under harsh environmental conditions over the product lifecycles. The use of thick bulk silicon has enabled us to deliver high resonance frequency structures in the 30 kHz range, exceeding any potential ambient noises due to sounds and or vibrations, enabling for consistent high performance and accuracy under all condition.

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