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Traditional multi-button-based remote controls can be difficult to use for browsing and selecting content on a Smart TV. Additionally, touch pads and keyboards can be expensive, difficult and inconvenient to use.

The MoveaTV platform enables Pay TV ecosystem partners to easily create a complete motion-enabled entertainment experience for consumers. New generation Set-Top Boxes (STBs) and Smart TVs (DTVs) will be providing more varied types of digital entertainment and information from a multitude of sources. As a result, consumers will need easier, more effective ways to navigate rich user interfaces, interact with apps, and control content. Motion-enabled remotes deliver substantial benefits to customers in the Pay TV market including a dramatically enhanced user experience, more natural, intuitive user interface navigation, increased consumption of premium paid services, more immersive gaming, and more. Recent studies show that Pay TV subscribers using motion-enabled remotes with point-and-click navigation, combined with gesture recognition, purchased more Video-On-Demand and more games, leading to a 27% increase in revenue per user compared to traditional remotes. MoveaTV is the first complete solution for the Interactive TV ecosystem which allows all partners to leverage a unifying platform which supports the easy integration of motion control as well as the monetization and delivery of these services for the entire ecosystem.

The two key components of the MoveaTV platform are the AirMotionLibrary Firmware and the SmartMotion Server. Either of these can be evaluated on the SmartMotion Remote Control Reference Design.

AML is smart embeddable firmware that runs completely on the remote control and supports in-air pointing and basic gesture recognition.

The SmartMotion Server is a more robust option that runs on the host, such as a Set-Top Box (STB), Smart TVs, or even a tablet. In addition to the AML features the SMS also supports advanced gesture recognition, dynamic rotations, 3D orientation and user intent anticipation.

InvenSense is the leading provider of complete solutions for next generation remotes with motion enabled hardware and software.

For more information on the MoveaTV platform please visit our Developers Corner. Here you will find further documentation on the SmartMotion Server and AirMotionLibrary as well as how to get the SmartMotion Remote Control Reference Kit.

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