MEMS MotionTracking Devices for Smartphones and Tablets


Motion Interface is transforming user-interactions with smartphone and tablet devices. Quickly becoming a “must have” function, Motion Interface is already being adopted by all major operating systems and hardware platform providers. Motion Interface functions can be divided into four different categories: 1:1 Move, Gesture Recognition, Pointing, and Tracking. These functions enable mobile applications to reach new levels of sophistication for users –more immersive gaming, accurate indoor and outdoor navigation, augmented reality, and Location Based Services; while adding new ways to generate revenue for carriers and manufacturers.

Intelligent MotionApps™ Platform

MotionApps™ software addresses three key areas that help reduce cost and accelerate time to market:

  • Calibration:Motion sensors require calibration, initially at the factory, after assembly, and while in use to maintain their precision. Included in MotionApps™ is a set of proprietary and patent pending algorithms that automate these calibration steps and guarantees better system performances over the lifetime of the device.
  • MotionFusion™: Once the sensors are properly calibrated, the MotionApps™ software applies a set of proprietary algorithms that align and fuse the data from all available sensors to generate accurate 3-D orientation and device heading information. This data, commonly referred to as quaternions or rotation matrices eliminates the science and complexities of working with motion sensor raw data and provides application developers a simple data stream for developing motion-based applications.
  • Advanced APIs: Our customers and third party developers are able to develop motion applications without having to understand the science of MotionFusion™. Simply use the APIs in MotionApps™ to create Motion Interface applications with ease.

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  • World’s smallest and highest-integration 9-axis solutions consisting of MEMS gyroscope plus accelerometer with on-board Digital Motion Processor (DMP) made possible by proprietary and patented InvenSense Fabrication process
  • MotionApps software solution with advanced calibration and APIs for high performance and faster time to market
  • Single-chip (MPU-6050) and single-package (MPU-9150), multi-axis, in-plane design with superior axis alignment
  • Integrated electronics for complete signal conditioning
  • Highest shock resistance at 10,000g

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