INMP803: Low-Power Omnidirectional MEMS Microphone for Hearing Aids


InvenSense MEMS Microphone

The INMP803 is a high performance MEMS microphone with a unique combination of very low self-noise, tiny package volume (7.3 mm³), and low power consumption. Running from a 1 V supply, the INMP803 consumes only 17 µA of current while providing an equivalent input noise of 27 dBA SPL with an analog 4.5 kΩ impedance output. These features, combined with the benefits of MEMS technology, reflow solder compatibility, and a highly stable response over time and temperature, make the INMP803 an ideal microphone choice for assistive listening devices (ALDs) such as hearing aids.

The INMP803 is identical in performance to the INMP801 but differs from the INMP801 in the organization of the solder pads. The INMP803, in addition to the sound port solder pad ring that is seen on the INMP801, has three solder pads at the back-underside of the package (VDD, Out, Gnd) to facilitate either reflow or hand soldering operations.

† – 7” Tape and reel to be discontinued. Contact for availability.

INMP803 Functional Block Diagram

INMP803 Functional Block Diagram


  • Hearing aids
  • Hearing aid accessories
  • Assistive listening/alerting and signaling systems
  • Audiometers
  • Bone conduction devices
  • Hearing protection

Features and Benefits

  • Small surface-mount package: 3.35 mm × 2.5 mm × 0.98 mm
  • Equivalent input noise: 27 dBA SPL
  • Sensitivity: −35 dBV
  • Hearing aid-compatible voltage range: 0.9 V to 1.3 V
  • Low current consumption: 17 µA
  • 0.8 sec startup to within 0.2 dB of 1 kHz sensitivity
  • Flat frequency response
  • Good sensitivity and frequency response matching
  • Single-ended analog output
  • Compatible with Sn/Pb and Pb-free solder processes
  • RoHS/WEEE compliant


Part # Output Port Location SNR Equivalent
Input Noise
Frequency Response
Maximum SPL Sensitivity @1kHz Sensitivity Tol Package Size Documentation Flex Board Evaluation Board Device
UNITS: (dBA) (dBA) (min - max) +/- dB mm (.pdf) (add to cart) (add to cart) (add to cart)

Analog Bottom 65dB 29dB 80Hz - 16kHz 110dB SPL -35 dBV 3dB 3.35x2.5x0.98 Datasheet

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