MEMS for Gaming


The adoption of Motion Interface has added a new interactive dimension to console and handheld gaming. However, to add truly immersive 1:1 movement tracking requires the adoption and integration of a number of motion sensor devices, such as 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, and 3-axis compass. Our patented MotionTracking™ devices eliminate the challenges and complexities associated with integration of discrete motion sensors, and can provide unprecedented levels of precision and performance for tracking your motion. Advanced gaming platforms have utilized Motion Interface to detect an ever complex range of gestures and motions delivering increasingly immersive gaming experiences.

The Key Benefits of MotionTracking Solution in Gaming:

  • Guaranteed sensor-to-sensor alignment for more precise motion tracking
  • Sensors calibrated as a complete system for best performance
  • Optimized MotionFusion software for guaranteed MotionTracking performance
  • Smallest board space and lowest power to enable smaller controllers with longer battery life
  • Fewer components and vendors to qualify to simplify the supply chain
  • Simplified inventory and procurement
  • Higher system reliability

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