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Similar to the development of the microprocessor which enabled the personal computer and the multitude of applications that now run on them, as well as the development of the graphics processor enabling compelling, life-like graphics for numerous video, gaming and professional applications, we believe the introduction of an intelligent, integrated MotionTracking™ device can enable the full potential of motion sensors and make Motion Interfaces ubiquitous in consumer electronics.

Since consumers first embraced Motion Interface capabilities, originally driven by the popularity of the Nintendo Wii and Wii MotionPlus accessory, and more recently in all leading smartphones and tablets, consumers’ desire for new motion-enabled electronics with expectations of more advanced functionalities, has rapidly increased.

Motion Interface is now considered to be standard function on all new smartphones and tablets. The market’s continuing demand for more advance applications has led to the need for higher accuracy and functionality solutions. Until the advent of a MotionTracking™ solution by InvenSense, adoption of Motion Interface solutions by many device makers has been a very challenging undertaking.

Our MotionTracking™ devices are currently leading the market by providing multiple sensors die along with our patented Digital Motion Processor™ (DMP) integrated into a single-silicon. We are the only company in our industry that is providing a complete integrated MotionTracking™ solution that addresses all of our customer’s needs and challenges.

Smartphones and Tablets

Motion Interface is a transformational technology that is becoming a must have function for all Smartphones and Tablet devices. Today, Motion Interface functionality is being supported by all major operating systems and every hardware platform provider. Motion Interface is transforming the way users interact with their devices using their natural and intuitive motions, while simultaneously creating lucrative ways to generate new revenue streams for both carriers and manufacturers.
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The gaming industry was first to adopt Motion Interface into their devices. From consoles to portable video gaming devices, a Motion Interface provides an immersive, life-like gaming experience by accurately tracking body and hand movements, thus adding a significantly more intuitive user-interface than traditional button and joystick commands.
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Smart TV

Smart TVs, set-top boxes, and Blu-ray devices are becoming increasingly more interactive through the addition of interactive menus, gaming applications, internet browsing, video-on-demand, and viewing of personal media content. This has created the need for a set of Motion Interface based commands that allow users to interact with an on-screen menu. It also has provided for additional functionality, including gesture shortcuts and games, to be embedded into Smart-TVs for further differentiation.
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Health & Fitness

Wearable sensors in health and fitness are a fast growing market and emerging opportunity for Motion Interface integration. MotionTracking™ devices can accurately detect a range of human body motions to enable activity monitoring functionality in fitness devices. We are already witnessing a variety of new devices entering the market, providing a new level of personal health and fitness monitoring. With the advancement of Motion Interface technology, wearable sensors in health monitoring and sport and fitness will allow for precise tracking and monitoring of body motion and more sophisticated applications providing users with new levels of valuable information.
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Optical Image Stabilization

Camera modules are common in almost all mobile devices today. Current market trends are driving smartphone manufacturers, and more recently tablet manufacturers, to incorporate high resolution 8+Mega Pixel modules into their devices. The next set of mobile devices launching in the market will have even higher mega pixel cameras, higher screen resolutions and image stabilization functionality. Consumers are increasingly using their smartphones to replace traditional Digital Still Cameras (DSC) for capturing images in their everyday life. Advancements in camera module assembly and high performance gyroscopes by InvenSense have made it possible to incorporate Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) into smartphone camera modules producing image quality comparable to that of a DSC. The latest generation of InvenSense OIS- specific, two-axis gyroscopes, have been specifically designed to exceed the requirements of camera modules for mobile devices.
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Industrial Sensors

Motion Tracking is becoming increasingly important for industrial applications including Antenna Stabilization, Precision Robotics, and Agriculture Machinery. Such applications typically require highly precise motion measurements under harsh environmental conditions. This has led to the need for integrated, high performance, high reliability Motion Tracking solutions. The InvenSense MPU-3300 gyroscope has been specifically developed to address the requirements of industrial applications.
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